Living With My Very Own Garfield

At first, it was weird thinking I’d bought this animal and released him into my home…


About 10 minutes ago I disconnected my laptop from the Internet because the Internet is really freaking distracting.

I believe it can either be a writer’s best friend (when using it for fact-checking) or worst friend (when suddenly wasting an hour+ scrolling BuzzFeed or Pinterest). Continue reading “Living With My Very Own Garfield”

Flu Season Vengeance

It’s true, you caught me early this year after all that cherished family time around the holidays. How’s the saying go, it only takes one…?

Ohhh Flu Season… how I dislike you so. Continue reading “Flu Season Vengeance”

2019: A New Year, A New Resolution, A Longstanding Lesson From Gramps

It’s as if all those years ago he already knew the answer to the question that so many of us nowadays ask ourselves: What will make me happy? For my grandpa, it was as if without worrying about being happy, happiness ultimately found him.

My grandpa once told me I hadn’t really lived unless I earned one new scratch by the end of the day. He also used to do handstands off diving boards, swim across inland Michigan lakes and write letters to newspapers explaining why he thought the seatbelt law was ‘an unjust load of crap’. Needless to say, he lived his life a bit differently than most.
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Thanksgiving At The Lake

I’ve begun looking forward to Thanksgiving more and more, and as much as I love my pumpkin pie and deep-fried turkey these two lovely holiday perks aren’t the main cause for my excitement…

What would Thanksgiving be without awkward family gatherings, way too much turkey, and then when you thought you had absolutely no room left, a whopping piece of pumpkin pie to top it all off? Continue reading “Thanksgiving At The Lake”

5 Things That Happened When I Worked With Local Businesses

People aren’t kidding when they say the city moves fast, and they certainly aren’t kidding when they say in the country things are a bit more laid back.

I recently had the opportunity to hold two major events in a couple of small towns. Some might refer to the area of these small towns as ‘off the map’, or even say they’d forgotten they were part of the United States altogether. If you’re not from Michigan…this is totally understandable. Continue reading “5 Things That Happened When I Worked With Local Businesses”

You’re Never The Dumbest Person In The Room | NUHA Foundation

They were taking turns talking excitedly about things that were, for the most part, flying right over my head. I looked around and realized at that moment I was quite possibly the dumbest person in the room…

Source: You’re Never The Dumbest Person In The Room | NUHA Foundation

Love At First Hike, and a Shrimp Festival to Boot

The hike was around 4 miles round trip at an elevation of just over 2000. That meant 2 miles up and 2 miles down. Seemed simple enough… or so I thought.

The first time I ever went hiking in Washington I knew I was hooked. Even though there were a few moments where I thought I was going to throw up, pass out, or worse…fall off the side of the mountain.

For the record, I ended up doing none of these things, but what I did end up doing was falling in love with the experience. Continue reading “Love At First Hike, and a Shrimp Festival to Boot”