Thanksgiving At The Lake

I’ve begun looking forward to Thanksgiving more and more, and as much as I love my pumpkin pie and deep-fried turkey these two lovely holiday perks aren’t the main cause for my excitement…

Southern Texas Inland Lake

What would Thanksgiving be without awkward family gatherings, way too much turkey, and then when you thought you had absolutely no room left, a whopping piece of pumpkin pie to top it all off?

It’s a holiday that’s filled with thankfulness, great food, equally great good or bad company—depending on your family dynamic—and new memories to add to your ‘good times with the #fambam’ collection.

The past few years I’ve begun looking forward to Thanksgiving more and more, and as much as I love my pumpkin pie and deep-fried turkey these two lovely holiday perks aren’t the main cause for my excitement. The part of Thanksgiving I look most forward to is my semi-new family tradition that began just 5 short years ago. One that I was there to see come to life from the very beginning, and one of the first ongoing family traditions on my dad’s side I’ve ever had.

Pumpkin Pie Mmmm Mmmm
Pumpkin Pie Mmmm Mmmm

My family, as non-sentimental yet wonderful as they are, have never been huge on traditions. Sure, we celebrate the holidays and there have always been things like a great spread of a meal; the family getting together, and even pie and presents and things like that. But when it comes to carrying on an ongoing tradition year after year, well, we’ve all sort of dropped the ball on that one.

This year, however, we celebrated the 5th and largest consecutive Thanksgiving at my Dad and Stepmoms lake house in southern Texas.

Thanksgiving Photo of the Fam
Thanksgiving Photo of the Fam

There was not only one but TWO deep fried turkey’s, lots of fishing, plenty of wine and delicious food to enjoy, and of course football, football, football. Even though I’m not a huge football fan per se (I.e. not at all), the simplicity of having my family together left me feeling extra thankful as I soaked up the ambiance and partially partook in the football watching this year.

Don’t worry, we threw it back

As we’ve continued this tradition year after year, I’m proud to say we’ve had quite the variety of attendees. There’ve been college friends and army friends, stepfamily members and related family members, and even on one especially rare occasion, my brother-in-law who was flying through El Paso before getting deployed.

We’ve even had different dogs join in over the years, 2 of which are just additional members of the family. The first being a lab mix named Addie, and the second is a miniature pinscher named Holly. Here are some adorable photos of each:

Addie the Sweetheart
Holly the Diva

We also had a snake stop by this year that wanted in on the party. He wasn’t necessarily invited, though, so my dad went after him with a shovel.

Anyway, I look forward to what the years ahead may bring and to see who else may ‘stop in’ to join us on our thanksgivings at the lake. Maybe we’ll have guests who are faraway family members or farther away friends. Maybe we’ll have more pet dogs or even….in time… a cat? Maybe one day there could even be some little kiddos running around… (*cough cough, sister, I’m talking to you) … or something like that.

Who’s to say and who’s to know what the future may bring. But what I do know is that as long as I’m willing and able I’ll be spending my Thanksgivings out at the lake, wineglass in hand, family surrounding me, football on the TV and a piece of pie waiting patiently for me in the fridge. This tradition has certainly become some of The Good Stuff in my life, and it’s just another thing that leaves me feeling extra thankful each Thanksgiving.

So, how about you? Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? And more importantly…if you do, does it involve a deep-fried turkey or your favorite kind of pie?

Author: Katie Bertrand

Hi There, My name’s Katie, welcome! Now that you're here you may be wondering who in the heck I am and what exactly it is that I have to say. Well, I’ll do my best to answer these questions as briefly & clearly as I can. I’m a normal person out living in the world just like each and every one of you. Of course, there are a few things that probably set us apart like our backstories, hobbies, interests etc. so I’ll list out a few things that make me, me. I was born and raised in Texas until the age of 8 where I then moved across the country to a teeny tiny town in the Thumb of Michigan. After graduating High School in said teeny tiny town I then headed over to the West Side of Michigan where I stayed through earning my B.S. in Merchandising and Product Development (Western Michigan University alum over here – wooo Go Bronco’s!) I now reside in the beautiful and yes, very warm, state of Arizona. Throughout my years (I’m a lady, no need to disclose my age), I’ve been a runner, writer, hiker, waitress, softball player, giant orange cat owner, account manager, fashionista, triathlete, military wife, volunteer, and for a very brief period of time dreamer of becoming the next modern-day Beethoven (chopsticks is totally my jam). I believe in a few simple things like how each day is and should be an adventure, and that the best way to learn a thing or two about yourself is to push your limits. I believe a good book and great heart-to-heart are two excellent ways to open your mind to new thoughts & ideas and that everyone has an interesting story to tell if they find someone that’s willing to listen. And I believe that no matter how dark & dreary this world can seem sometimes – there is always Good Stuff out there, and that’s exactly where my blog comes in. I created a blog to re-tell stories of The Good Stuff because I believe those stories deserve to get told. So in conclusion, if you do not wish to hear happy stories well then I’m sorry friend but you’ve found the wrong place (I thank you for visiting). If you do, feel free to check out my blog :). I.e. More work of Katie's can be found at her writer's website:

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